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If the Georgia GOP won’t support Donald Trump, you won’t support the Georgia GOP!

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    In order to take on the task of hiring investigators and auditing the vote, we need money to hire the best election security lawyers in Georgia. We don’t have a Super PAC. We won’t have the support of the The Georgia GOP, because they have given up on President Trump. Our campaign is 100% funded by you.

    The future of Georgia depends on us.
    The freedom of all Americans is at stake.

    Before November 3rd’s election, President Donald Trump tried to warn everyone that the election was rigged. We should have listened.

    Now it’s up to us. The Georgia GOP has joined the Democrats, Socialists, and Marxists as part of the Deep State. They refuse to even investigate valid concerns. We know for a fact that ballots were secretly harvested, and hundreds of Georgia residents have signed affadavits saying they witnessed the fraud.

    Red flags are everywhere, but Sen. Kelly Loeffler, Sen. David Perdue, Gov. Brian Kemp, and Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger refuse to even listen to our concerns.


    Georgia Election Integrity is a group of concerned citizens who deeply care about the fabric of our democracy. We believe that free and fair voting are the backbone of our elections, and we believe Republicans and Democrats both worked with the Deep State to cover up the largest election fraud in the history of the United States.


    Because President Donald Trump was removing the corruption from Washington DC and giving the power back to the people. The Georgia GOP had no problem asking for help from Donald Trump, but when Donald Trump needed them to be honest — they lied and covered it all up.

    We are not going to allow ourselves to go back into the polling booth — and you hear us out, Governor Kemp. You hear me while you hide in your closet. And you hear us, you hear the people (Secretary of State) Brad Raffensberger. And I want Lt. Gov. Jeffrey Duncan to hear it too. And the guy that’s making a ton of money, Gabriel Sterling. Listen up. You’re not going to sell our votes to China. We’re not going to vote on your damn machines made in China.

    Trump Attorney, Lin Wood



    No Chinese Votes

    Trump Not GOP