Demand a recount

We know that Democrats were submitting fraudulent ballots. We know that foreign governments in China, and perhaps Venezuela were involved in manipulating the vote.

Ask for signature checks

If there is nothing to hide, then they shouldn’t be worried about verifying the signatures are valid.

Audit every video camera

With boxes and suitcases of ballots now appearing in CCTV cameras, we need to ask the big questions: Who put the ballots in those bags?


Threaten people with violence

Even if you’re angry and upset, we cannot stoop to the same level as Democrats.

DOXX or expose people’s families

If you think someone is guilty of participating in election fraud, report the details to us. Do not under any circumstances release their name, address, phone number, or any other personal details online.

Support Kemp, Loeffler or Perdue

Do not vote for Loeffler or Purdue unless they agree to our demands. We want a full investigation. We want our votes to matter.